By teaching genealogy, you are showing that family history is important by showing who a person is and where he/ she came from. Genealogy may allow a student the chance to reach into their family’s past and learn about their history, previous ways of life, religion, traditions, dishes, and even events that have shaped a family’s past and present. 

Picture Genealogy Chart – pdf; Picture Genology Chart – xps

This simple engages students to learn the given names of
parents and grandparents, as well as birthdates. The best part is the student
is able to draw a picture of that family member. This activity is suitable for
elementary classes. 


Our Family Tree

This activity is geared towards middle and high school
students by engaging the student to not only learn the names and birthdates of
immediate family but requiring them to dig deeper for multiple

Hardtack Recipe

Confederate and Union soldiers were given hardtack as part of the rations. Many times, the hardtack was old and bug-ridden. This is a fun activity for either the teacher to make hardtack ahead of time to give to the students or for a small class to make during class time. It is encouraged to add beef jerky and corn nuts to get a more authentic feeling of what the rations were like for soldiers.