Georgia Civil War Commission 
Quarterly Meeting Minutes 
Saturday, November 5, 2016 

Chairman John Culpepper called the meeting to order at 2:08 on November 5, 2016 at Chaple at Gordon Lee Chapel in Chickamauga, Georgia. Commissioners present were John Culpepper, Kelly Barrow, Curt Collier, Ken Griffiths, Karen Ledford, James Yancey, Brain Wills, Ted Brooke, and Inger Eberhart. Commissioners not present were Edward Shelor, John Carroll, Charlie Lott, and Rusty Henderson. Cassie Barrow, Chief of Staff, was present. Members of the audience consisted of Kenneth Ledford; Mary Yancey; Brenda Culpepper; and Mike Dodd, Commander of the Private John Ingraham Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp.

Commissioner Barrow opened the meeting in prayer, while Chairman Culpepper led everyone in the pledge to the United States and the pledge to the Georgia flag.  Chairman Culpepper announced that the meeting had been advertised in the local newspaper, Walker County Messenger, as well as posted on social media and at the location; therefore, complying with the Sunshine Law. A quorum was established by the Chairman.

At this point, Chairman Culpepper requested for each of the Commissioners present to introduce themselves. Following this, the members of the audience were asked to introduce themselves and the group he/she was representing.

Chairman Culpepper requested for a motion to approve the agenda. Commissioner Collier made the motion to approve the amended agenda and Commissioner Barrow seconded; motion carried. Agenda is attached to the minutes.

Chairman Culpepper reminded the Commissioners that the August Quarterly Meeting minutes were emailed to all the Commissioners for prior reading. There were clerical changes emailed to Chief of Staff Barrow by Chairman Culpepper. Commissioner Griffiths made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected, Commissioner Wills seconded; motion carried.

The 2016-17 financial report was read by Chief of Staff Barrow; the report is attached. Commissioner Collier made a motion to accept the 2016-17 Treasurer Report, and Commissioner Brooke seconded; motioned carried.

At this time, Chairman Culpepper asked if anyone in the audience had anything they would like to bring before the Commission that was not on the agenda. There was no business brought before the Commission.

Under Old Business, Chairman Culpepper Chief of Staff Barrow to give an update on the website. Chief of Staff Barrow informed the Commissioners that the new site would be going live the following week. Many of the Commissioners did not have a bio turned into to her, making that area of the website look lacking. It was encouraged for every commissioner to review the website to offer insight and guidance toward the website. Now that the site is live, Chief of Staff Barrow would work toward adding new tabs and items in the future. It was reminded that the committee put in charge of creating educational items for the site was Chief of Staff Barrow, Commissioner Eberhart, Commissioner Ledford; and Commissioner Barrow.

Chairman Culpepper brought the funding request for additional funds for the restoration of the McPherson and Walker monuments in Atlanta. by BATL – The Battle of Atlanta Commemorative Organization, Inc – that Mr. Henry Bryant presented at the previous Quarterly Meeting at Nash Farm Battlefield Museum. Previously the Commission had given $5,000 toward the projects, but it was asked to fund an additional $4,000 to finish the project that had a ticket price of $192,000. A motion to give the requested $4,000 for the monument restoration of the Walker and McPherson monuments was made by Commissioner Yancey and seconded by Commissioner Collier; motion carried.

Chairman Culpepper asked Chief of Staff Barrow to present to the Commission the details on Art and Essay Contest for 2016-17 that had been finalized by the Committee. Chief of Staff Barrow stated that each commissioner had a copy of the rules, requirements, and topic of both topics in front of them. (Attached) The topic for the essay contest was “Georgia’s Civil War Diarist” and the topic for the art contest was “Georgia’s Common Civil War Soldier”. She requested that each Commissioner share the information with their surrounding county public, private, and home schools and local libraries. She agreed to write a generic cover letter, as well as a generic press release, that each Commissioner could use when mailing or delivering the contest information. Commissioner Griffiths stated he felt the awards were not sufficient; therefore, he made a motion to increase the essay contests to $250 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd, and $150 for 3rd; while the art contest would be $200 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd, with the decision of the judges being final. Commissioner Collier seconded this motion that carried. Chief of Staff Barrow was requested to make these changes. The deadline for entries is February 2, 2017, allowing the commissioners to be able to judge the finalists at their next Quarterly Meeting.

Chairman Culpepper requested Commissioner Wills to discuss the symposium that the Commission and Kennesaw State University Civil War Center are jointly hosting. Commissioner Wills stated the symposium entitled “Longstreet to Redemption” would be on March 18 from 9am to noon. The keynote speaker would be Jeffery Wert. Commissioner Wills stated that KSU would handle the promotional material if Chief of Staff Barrow would share the Commission’s logo with him. It was discussed that a budget had not been given for this endeavor, so Commissioner Griffith made a motion to allot $1,000, with the understanding that if more was needed it could be requested. Commissioner Eberhart seconded the motion that passed.

Under new business, Chairman Culpepper introduced the field trip program by the Civil War Trust that Chief of Staff Barrow had emailed every commissioner. Chief of Staff Barrow was asked to address what it may look like if the Commission had something similar. Many ideas and possibilities were discussed. Chairman Culpepper appointed Chief of Staff Barrow, Commissioner Eberhart, and Commissioner Barrow to look into this and report back to the Commission by the next Quarterly Meeting.

The Commissioners had the opportunity now to bring an item before the Commission. Commissioner Collier asked if the Georgia Monument at Chickamauga Battlefield had been refurbished. Chairman Culpepper stated he would check on this, but thought that it may have been due to either the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States or the 100 year anniversary of the Department of Interior.

Commissioner Wills reminded the Commissioners that the Civil War Battlefield Preservation Dinner was on the evening of February 25, 2017. The Civil War Trust and Georgia Battlefield Association would be the entities honored. Since the Commission had supported this event, Commissioner Wills stated that Commissioners would be able to attend at no cost. The keynote speaker would be Rep. Steve McDaniel.

Commissioner Ledford stated that the Longstreet Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was able to take a behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta History Center, including the basement. She told about the new building and the Longstreet artifacts that the Atlanta History Center had. She also encouraged everyone to visit the Piedmont Hotel that Longstreet owned.

Commissioner Yancey reported that he had attended the re-dedication of the sign to Sherman and Atlanta that was placed at Moreland and Freedom Parkway. The Sons of Union Veterans was the key sponsors of this event.

Commissioner Barrow showed the Commissioners a great map he found at Super 8 that morning that he felt was a great historic tourism tool for the community. The NW Georgia Military Trail map showcased Cherokee, Civil War and World War sites around the area. Chairman Culpepper and the 6th Cavalry Museum were instrumental in the creation of this map.

In addition to that, Commissioner Barrow stated he would like to pursue an interpretive marker for James S. Boynton to put where he is buried at Oakhill Cemetery in Griffin. In addition to that, Commissioner Barrow was working on the April Confederate History Month to send to the Governor’s office. He reminded the Commissioners that last year there had been resistance pertaining to this and hopes that will not be the issue this year.

Chairman Culpepper stated he and his wife had attended a premier of Hacksaw Ridge at the Heritage Center in Chattanooga. He recommended that every Commissioner make a point to go see it in the theatres.

Also, Chairman Culpepper reminded the Commissioners that Brad Quinlin was planning on attending the next meeting to report his findings from the National Archives in Washington D.C. to the Commission.

Chairman Culpepper reported that the Civil War Trust possibly withdrew its offer for Rocky Face in Dalton. He reminded that the Commission had given $1,000 toward the procure of this property. Georgia Battlefield Association was stepping forward to consider the property.

The next Quarterly Meeting was tentatively set for March 4 at Nash Farm Battlefield Museum beginning at 1:00 P.M. An email would be sent to verify this date with all the Commissioners.

Chairman Culpepper thanked all who had attended the Confederate Monument dedication that was prior to the meeting.

There was no other business.

Commissioner Barrow made a motion to adjourn and Commissioner Brooke seconded the motion; meeting was adjourned at 3:04 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Cassie Barrow, Chief of Staff